your boat!!


With “Floats Ahoy” dry docking system your boat is safely docked and is DRY.

Its hull and leg (or legs) will be free of algae and marine growth that compromise your boat’s performance, value, and appearance.

Yacht Floating Dock

As every boat owner knows, that gleaming, smooth, glossy hull surface on a new boat in the showroom does not stay that way once the boat is put into the water, particularly salt water. Over time, a slimy “biofilm” of bacteria and microscopic algae adheres to the boat hull, paving the way for the attachment of other organisms, including barnacles, seaweeds, bivalves, bryozoans, sponges, sea squirts, polychaete worms, and sea anemones. Unless you scrape and scrub weekly your boat hull becomes increasingly fouled, carrying its own marine microcosm along. The drag and resistance that results from this growth slows all boats, sail and power and obviously causes power boats to guzzle more fuel, which at today’s fuel prices will break your heart never mind your bank account. Heavy fouling can diminish the maneuverability of a boat as well. Leaving a fouling community attached to a boat hull for too long can damage the paint and lead to overall deterioration of your boat.

Problems associated with leaving your boat in the water.

  • The speed of your boat will decrease as its hull becomes fouled with marine growth.
  • Marine growth, such as shipworms, can bore into the hull of wooden boats, causing severe damage.
  • Marine growth will affect the hydrodynamics of your boat.
  • Fouling hampers your sail boat’s ability to sail upwind.
  • Your boat may transport harmful marine organisms to other areas.
Bouy in the water
Harmful marine organisms
Poor hydrodynamics

Your Solution is a ‘Floats Ahoy” floating docking system.

Boat and Jet Ski Floating Dock

No more trailering your boat

No more lining up at a boat ramp

No more embarrassing moments missing your trailer

No more getting wet in the water

No more slipping on a mossy ramp

Boat Trailering

No more hull cleaning

No more cutting yourself on barnacles

No more unsightly hulls

No more weekends spent under your boat

Hull cleaning

No more boat ramps blunders

Boat ramps blunders1
Boat ramps blunders2

No more anti-fouling

Boat anti-fouling
Paint Layer

Your boat will no longer require anti-fouling, therefore:-

  • You will save money by not antifouling
  • You will save money on fuel
  • Your boat will go faster
  • You will be helping the environment
  • It will improve the resale value of your boat

Peace of mind

Leave your boat on top of the water for days, weeks, months or years, knowing full well that it will not be covered with slime and crustaceans from the water.