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Start your journey with us now for floating docks & decks!

Floats Ahoy offer the best in Keeping Dry – whether it’s keeping vessels or people dry in the water or on land, Floats Ahoy gives you the answer.

Floats Ahoy is the solution of docks & boatpoints.


Boat owners

Use Floats Ahoy to dock your boat or watercraft and have 360° access to your craft for loading, cleaning, inspection and any maintenance, which would normally have to be done after slipping your boat to a dry dock.



Want to move it? No big deal! Use Floats Ahoy at a public marina or in front of your home or in fact anywhere at all – simply tow it to any other location you wish at a moment’s notice. Our floating docks are incredibly portable.



Does not use electricity. Nothing to oil or grease. Nothing to rot, rust or corrode. No motors, gears, or housings etc. to break down. Will not pollute or contaminate your waterways. No maintenance required. Does not use electricity.


Industry leader

Floats Ahoy is a specialized manufacturer and world leader for floating docks and pontoon technology. We lead the way in providing versatile and reliable boat docks, pontoons, bridges, jetties, swim platforms and dock systems.

Boat Floating Docks

Floats Ahoy advantages

Ultra Violet protection for the harsh Australian sun.

Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Manufactured according to ISO 9001:2009

Unlimited configurations & applications

Reliable and easy to assemble

Simple and fast assembly

Light, robust and safe

Maintenance free

100% recyclable.

5 year warranty.

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About our Floats

For your safety, Floats Ahoy docks are not slippery surfaces. We have checker plate ridges on the walking surface to help you remain sure footed. Our docks do not contain splinters and rusty nails etc. which are found on wooden gangways and docks.

About Our Work

Floating Decks for Jetty
Floating Point for Boat
Floating Pontoon Decks
Boatpoint Floating Decks

What our clients are saying !

For the past 7 years we had to anti-foul our old boat after slipping it at huge cost and inconvenience to us, now with our new boat we simply drive it on your “Floats Ahoy” drive on dock and we can flush our motor and clean all around the boat which we could not do before. You have made our life a lot more enjoyable and less expensive.